Corporate Gift Shopping On a Budget

The Value of Corporate Gift Shopping On a Budget

While some may consider Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, those shopping for a corporate gift on a budget may disagree You want to show clients your gratitude with a Corporate Gift, but your end-of-year bank account isn’t quite on board with demonstrating that appreciation. What, then, are your options?

Luckily, you don’t have to settle on just sending out the same generic holiday card to each of your customers. Red Tomato has a wide variety of corporate Christmas gifts with a starting price point of just $10 each. Not only are these gifts affordable, all of them are customisable. There’s no better way to show your personal recognition than by having your client’s first name elegantly printed on their gift.

You may be wondering what, exactly, you can buy for only $10. We have worked hard to select quality products that your clientele will love, no matter what they’re into. (No more $10 Movie Tickets) Regardless of your industry or demographic, you will find something on our list that your clients will love and actually use.

Corporate Gift List with Promotional Items at $10

For example, if your client is a wine aficionado, he or she will love our wine rack. Its sleek design fits six bottles, and since it’s foldable, it’s a great item to take on the go. It also includes handy accessories like a bottle stopper and waiter’s friend, just in case the wine corker is left behind.

For clients who spend more time on the golf course than in their office, the golf useful is a no-brainer. This multi-purpose tool, which comes packaged in a white tuck box, has everything the modern-day golfer could need (aside from a bit of luck, perhaps). It includes three tees, a scorer, a spike, and more!

Another item that is super handy for travelers and technology gurus alike is the jolt charger gift pack. Nowadays, no one leaves home without at least one or two smart devices, and when one ventures away from outlets, a battery charge is a precious commodity. Your clients can avoid the dreaded dead phone with this battery charger that will fully charge an iPhone, and do so at the same rate as most wall units.

Red Tomato Has a Corporate Gift List For Any Size Budget

These are just some of the great gifts that Red Tomato offers for a mere $10, and all of them have the space to be personalised. If your budget is a bit larger, we also have a unique collection of items for only $15. The list includes fun pieces like a vacuum flask, a cheese set, and a compact picnic mat. Check out all the gifts you can choose from in the $10- $15.

While you may be eternally grateful to your clients, you don’t have to give each of them a Rolls Royce to prove it. Giving a meaningful, personalised gift (that’s within your budget) goes a long way. By doing so you are showing your loyal customers that it’s not just their business that is important to you. By showing them that you’ve taken the time to choose a perfect present for them, you’ll be making an impact that will last much longer than the holiday season.

If you have any questions about our corporate Christmas gifts, or need assistance choosing presents for your clients, let us know! We at Red Tomato are here to help make your holiday shopping go as smoothly as possible.

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