3 tips for a great Father’s Day promotion

Father’s Day is your once-a-year chance to show Dad how much he means to you. Father figures have a lot of influence in the way we shape our lives and Father’s Day is a good prompt to thank them. It’s also a great excuse to run a fun, creative marketing campaign! We’ve created this blog article to elaborate on our top 3 tips for a great Father’s Day promotion –  we hope you love the ideas as much as we do.

1. Use the power of social media

If you’re a marketer, you’ll know that social media can really boost your marketing campaigns. There are a couple of ways you can harness this epic power. Firstly, run a competition! Advertise your product and give all participants the opportunity to win an amazing prize (a promotional merchandise pack, gift voucher or just some cash) if they post a photo using your product or share and tag a particular photo with their friends list. This is a great way to boost your brand presence and also grow your social media following. Using a timely excuse like Father’s Day is a great reason for people to enjoy participating.

Father's Day gifts

Secondly, you can use Father’s Day  as a theme for social media posts for a week or even a month. Creating content for social media can be hard sometimes – it’s often tough to find relevant content to contribute to your channels. By using Father’s Day as a theme you won’t be short of great content to post.

Gifts with purchase

What motivates people more to make a purchase than… a free gift? (How many times have you spent an extra $100 at Estee Lauder so you can get that goodie bag? Person Raising Hand on Apple iOS 10.3 Guilty!)

We’ve thought of a few Father’s Day gift ideas using promotional merchandise that we think would be the perfect incentive to get your clients to buy or invest in your business, just so they can get that gift!

1. T-shirts

Printed t-shirts. We’re not talking about a t-shirt with your logo slapped right in the center that no one outside your company is likely to wear (unless you’re Deux Ex Machina). Why not print t-shirts with 5 reasons why you love Dad? Or your best Dad joke? Of course, include your logo – but put it in a more elegant position such as the bottom corner or the back yoke.

Father's Day gifts

2. A funny giveaway

Promotional merchandise giveaways with a bit of kick is a great way to engage your clients. Something as simple as a stress ball can be so effective for timely events such as Father’s Day! Because when do we not stress our Dads out?

Father's Day gifts

3. Make it relatable

We’ve discussed Father’s Day themed gifts. If you want to purchase a larger amount of merchandise that will last beyond Father’s Day. Choose a gift that directly relates to your product. If you’re selling shovels and gardening supplies – you wouldn’t give a toiletry bag or a towel away, it just doesn’t make sense. Perhaps a branded tin pot or a pair of gardening gloves. This will be much more appealing to your clientele.

Father's Day gifts

Use Father’s Day as an excuse to surprise your staff

91% of Dads are an active part of Australia’s work force – does this number scale out in your office? Due to there being such a large volume of Father’s in the work industry it’s a perfect excuse to put together some gifts for the office Dads. We’ve talked about using merchandise as a way to encourage staff retention. Why not put together a “Dad survival kit” not only will you get a laugh out of it, your Dads are sure to love it! You can even do one for Father’s of fur babies!

Father's Day gifts

We hope you’ve learnt some new ways to tie in timely events, such as Father’s Day and add a bit of creative flair to your marketing plans this quarter.  Want some more ideas? Click here to get help with planning a campaign.

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