How to use your end of the financial year budget to delight clients? (Old and New)

It’s nearly time for Australian marketers’ Christmas in July. This means it’s time to celebrate the end of the financial year. You can use your remaining EOFY budget to throw a party for your department, but…

What if we told you that you can use your end of the financial year budget to win clients and boost your revenue in both numbers and reputation significantly?

A promotional product campaign doesn’t have to be big. When it’s strategic and backed by professionals, it can bring fantastic results. Such a campaign, with the right products and strategy, helps move clients along your marketing and sales funnels. Consider this idea and get in touch with the Red Tomato Promo Pros to get started.

Set clear goals

You should set clear goals to use your EOFY money efficiently.

These goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Your goals could include building up your email database, increasing catalogue downloads, or boosting sales. Whatever your goals, clarity is crucial for efficient use of your EOFY budget.

using end of financial year budget to generate sales

Some ideas might include building up your email database, increasing downloads of a new catalogue or ebook, boosting sales, getting more engagement, delighting your clients and so on. Whatever your goals are, it’s crucial to be clear about them in order to use your EOFY budget in the most efficient way possible.

Stand out and Conquer

During Christmas in July, many people give gifts. Even though 85% of people do business with a company after receiving a promotional product, it’s important to know your target audience. This knowledge helps you decide what product to use and when and how to deliver it. Doing your research, knowing current trends, understanding if they enjoy certain sports or hobbies, and being aware of their needs regarding season of the year, culture, and other demographic data is essential to finding products that will resonate with your target.

end of financial year hacks to win clients

Don’t just send a branded pen. Partner with a Promo Agency that will invest research and resources into understanding your target, their needs, their problems, their situations, and do their best to solve them with the strategy and product we select.

Considering these facts will ensure that your promo products will be useful and your recipients will want to keep them.

Finding the right products for your clients

For example, for Valentine’s Day, at Red Tomato we wanted to send an appreciation message to our clients that would last all year round. To get the best results, we approached the project as a multifaceted campaign. Sending a traditional mailer driving them to a specific landing page was the best way to pique the interest of our target market. Plus, when our mailer went out, our team also sent an email directing clients to Red Tomato’s Valentine’s Day landing page. On the landing page, clients were able to claim a free gift of a mug filled with Red Tomato branded chocolates.  This turned out to be a great way to personally deliver the gift to the client.

end of the financial year

The gift was chosen because it portrayed our message of appreciation and was combined with good timing for Valentine’s Day because the message you’re trying to deliver is as important as the product you’re sending. In fact, the product itself delivers the message for you. (Read the full Valentines Day case study here)

EOFY campaigns ideas - Campaign idea for end of financial year budget

Go With The Pros

As you see, the leftover budget at the end of the financial year can be used for a new promotional product campaign to successfully win clients for the upcoming year. Which in turn will help you increase your company’s effectiveness?

Want to get started on your promotional product campaign to win new clients or grow your business with existing ones?

Justin Reynolds Red Tomato Promotions

Get in touch with us to make sure you see an ROI from your EOFY budget, check out our EOFY Catalogue to get your juices flowing and place your order before June 30 to take advantage of our Buy & Fly promo to go into the draw to win tickets for two from Sydney to New York.

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