Promotional Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You In 2021

Promotional Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You In 2021

We’re about to hit start on another year! 

Yes – this past year won’t exactly make it to the top 10 list, but this coming year is looking promising.

So – what’s your marketing plan looking like? Have you thought about your promotional campaigns for 2021? 

Let’s show you some examples that will get those creative juices flowing and inspire you to make next year your best ever.

How promotional marketing drives business success

How promotional marketing drives business success

Marketing covers a broad range of executions, from digital to print, content to paid, experience and promotional.

However, businesses often don’t consider the power that promo marketing can have on the overall success of a campaign. Creative promotional initiatives have a way of connecting with the emotions of your audiences while carrying a strong representation of your brand. Their tangible nature and creative potential connects with clients, builds conversions and makes a lasting impression like nothing else can.

Think about an email or social media post. It’s fleeting and easily ignored. But will you ignore a branded gift basket? How about a towel, mug or mobile phone case? Unlikely!

And the sky is the limit with these kinds of promotional branded items.

Promotional products can generate excellent results for your marketing campaigns – if they’re done right.

Here are a few examples to show you how promotional products benefit a brands’ marketing.

Some examples of great promotional campaigns

At Red Tomato, we love creating and executing smart, fun and innovative ideas. 

Here are some examples we’ve seen that we think will inspire you. 

Some examples of great promotional campaigns
Domino’s Pizza’s 60th Birthday

In celebration of their sixtieth year serving up the world’s favourite fast food, Domino’s is giving 60 years’ worth of pizza to the family of a baby named “Dominic” or “Dominique” born in Australia on the 9th of December. 

This generous move by the company not only inspires engagement, but also promotes its product and creates a real feel-good buzz in the market.

Who doesn’t love that idea?

Free Dettol hygiene kits for Uber drivers and passengers

Where do people need hand sanitiser? When they’re out and about.

This clever partnership with Uber and Dettol gives drivers and their passengers access to branded Dettol hygiene kits. This initiative to create a cleaner and healthier world is an effective promotional campaign for both brands, as it offers practical benefits for everyone while boosting their products and services.

Every single customer using Uber would notice this.

Heineken’s six-foot social distancing cooler

With all of the social distancing going on, Heineken created a six-foot (1.8m) cooler in a boisterous effort to encourage the recommended distance to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 

This product is great, not only because it stores lots of cold beer, but it’s also an effective campaign for the brand – not to mention how timely and relevant it is. The campaign addresses a problem, offers a solution, while promoting the brand through a promotional product in a fun way.

“Bigger is always better, and what better way to practise a safe social distance than with an esky/icebox/ chilly bin? On top of that, it also solves a problem.” – Zack from Red Tomato. 

BWS: 100 days of summer campaign

Who doesn’t love prizes? This campaign by BWS offers $7 million worth of prizes and $25 million worth of Woolworths Everyday Reward points for people who simply  download their free app and play a fun game. 

This type of promo marketing campaign encourages engagement between the audience and the brand’s digital assets – in this case, the app. Everything on their app is branded, creating an opportunity to place their marketing right in the hands of their audience.

“It’s an instant win sales promotion and reward program. It encourages people to download the app and involves online as well as offline elements.” – Tyrone from Red Tomato. 

Well, are you feeling inspired for your own marketing in 2021?

We hope you are! 

Because we can help you create just as exciting promo campaigns around your brand too. Ones that customers won’t forget and will earn great results.

As creative marketing experts, we can help create and put these campaigns into action so you’re all ready for a big year ahead.

Check out our new creative services that you can combine with your promotional marketing! 

How Red Tomato can help

Red Tomato won’t let your inspiration go to waste!

We provide the best promotional products and campaigns that will enhance your marketing in 2021. 

This coming year, we can help you empower your brand to achieve those goals. With our passion and expertise for branding and marketing, you’ll be assured of promotional campaigns that will grow your business even more. 

Start here to get personalised promotional campaign ideas.

The Best Way To Show Employee Appreciation This Holiday Season

The Best Way To Show Employee Appreciation This Holiday Season

2020 has been quite a year.

The pandemic has restricted a lot of the valuable interactions we often share with our team – the high-fives after a big win, handshakes during meetings, warm hugs of encouragement and even the smiles we usually see in-person.

However, your teams have all adapted effectively and kept operations going, despite the sudden shift in conditions. 

Now with Christmas around the corner, this is a perfect opportunity to do something extra special to make your team feel united, valued and appreciated after such a challenging year. 

Sure – you might not be able to celebrate together like you have in previous years, but there are still some great ways you can make them feel extra special.

The creative gift team at Red Tomato has prepared some more unique and personalised Christmas ideas to inspire you.

Have a skim and see what you think.

Is it another typical Christmas gift again this year?
Is it another typical Christmas gift again this year?

With Christmas coming, the usual ‘go-to’ choice is the standard food and drink hampers where you just pick and click. However, everyone sees the same stuff every year, and it really is the standard option. 

This won’t make a big impression on your staff and they end up throwing a lot of it away.

Plus, the extra waste from the packaging isn’t very environmentally friendly.

2020 is the year for personalised Christmas gifts! 

If you want to give your team a morale lift and truly show your gratitude, customised Christmas gifts are the way to go. Rewarding your team with personalised gifts shows them that you know them and want to recognise all of their extra dedication this year.

It’s time to look at premium bespoke Christmas packs.

After all, this year has been an extraordinary one and your team deserves an extraordinary gift. If you wish to make your Christmas hampers exceptional, we can help you create premium bespoke hampers that will perfectly suit the taste of your employees.

Custom Christmas Hampers

A premium bespoke pack:
  • demonstrates care and thought from the organisation
  • can be tailored to align with a company theme, culture or values
  • tends to last longer as your team will get multiple uses out of the branded items
  • are better for the environment as a result

But most of all, your customised Christmas packs can tell a meaningful story. 

For instance, showcase your sustainability efforts, express your support for local Australian businesses or provide an exciting introduction for what 2021 will look like at your business.

Prepping your perfect Christmas Packs in 2020

Prepping your perfect Christmas packs in 2020

If you want to thank your teams for helping your business remain strong during this difficult time, adding some extra special value to their Christmas gifts is a good way to repay their diligence, commitment and loyalty.

The question is: what should you include in your premium bespoke Christmas packs?

Here are some holiday gift tips to guide you:

  • Evaluate what kind of branded products will best tell the story of your organisation

If you are an advocate of the environment, you can add in eco-friendly products. Or if your company’s culture promotes an active lifestyle, then include a few games or outdoor activity items.

  • Give gifts that last a long time

Why give typical hampers with standard food and drinks, when you can gift branded items that are used multiple times? Cheeseboards, branded aprons, custom cocktail making sets and so on will be brought out time and time again!

  • Personalise the packs

Making your Christmas gift packs unique is an indication that you took the time to carefully plan out your gifts this year.

Aside from the fact that your team will love the tailored presents, this will also strengthen your company culture and reinforce employee engagement.

With proper planning and a touch of creativity, you can extend your gratitude and make the holiday season a very memorable one for your employees – yes, even during this new “norm” era.

At Red Tomato, we have a 2020 Christmas Gift Guide  you can download now to help you select great Christmas gifts for everyone in your team. We’ll help you provide premium bespoke hampers your teams will surely love and cherish!

How can Red Tomato help you this Christmas? 

We go far beyond the typical Christmas hampers that don’t create a long-lasting impression. 

This coming holiday season, we can help you create innovative gifts, invitations, premium Christmas hamper packs and much more – all designed with your personalised logo to send to the people who deserve it most.

Want help creating a premium bespoke back? Answer the 3 questions below:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What is your message?
  3. What products are you interested in?

Let us help you make their year! 

Contact usdirectlyto discuss your promotional gift ideas andwe’llwork on gettingyou theright productsfor the right clients at the right time. 

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