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Here at Red Tomato, we’re awfully proud of the Australian made promotional products we offer and the suppliers who produce them. So we thought we’d use Australia day as an excuse to highlight this.

It’s a great time to recognise what exactly we’re doing for our economy and our community when hunting out the Australian made logo. As an Australian owned and run company we ourselves are always looking to support other local businesses in the promotional products industry. By doing so we believe we are forming a basis for growth for our economy. So why not make every day Australia Day and surprise and delight your clients or colleagues with an Australian made promotional product? They’re sure to love it.

Here are 5 reasons why we love Australian made promotional products here at Red Tomato:


1. Get creative – custom products are easy to create from local materials.

By using local materials, we’re able to create custom solutions for your brand with ease. Beautifully embossed stationary or metal work with intricate details is no challenge for our Aussie suppliers.

2. Australian made products have a relatively quick turnaround.

By buying Australian, there’s no waiting for overseas shipments  – so your products are delivered in a timely fashion.

3. We’re using local materials, which are often great quality. Think of premium Australian leather products.

Not only are we supporting the Aussie hands that make the products, but also those who take care to produce local leathers, timber, and metals.

AKUBRA HAT AFL Leather Replica - Red

4. Supporting local businesses is always a great feeling, and it’s good for our economy.

For every $1 million dollars of manufacturing business in Australia, there is the following flow on effects (australianmade.com.au, 2017)

Australian made promotional products

5. You’ll know your merchandise products have been made with ethical work practices in mind.

Knowing that you’re supporting the high work standards which our Australian government has put in place gives you peace of mind.

What are your favourite Australian made products? Leave us some pictures in the comments section!

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